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Walk the World in One Day


An engaging annual expo intended to strengthen inter-cultural relations while celebrating cultural diversity and global advancement by getting countries to exhibit their uniqueness. Participating countries are represented by their embassies and businesses in Uganda, showcasing the latest in culture and technology. The general idea is to bring the world home and enable masses tour the world in one place, in a single day. This year, we have partnered with the Rotary Club of Kampala to help bring to realization, the dream of opening Uganda’s second blood bank. Uganda only blood bank serves an entire 37.58million population with an approximated annual blood collection of 220,000 units of blood. World Health Organization recommends that the minimum be 300,000 units of blood, meaning we have a deficit of 100,000 units of blood, excluding emergencies. The event is scheduled for September 29th, 2015 at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.


Women Wealth Wellbeing (WWoW) Network


We once in a while accept to run communications campaign for charity. Most previously, we developed communication strategy for the WWoW Network whose results we altered for the good. Officially launched by the Vice to the Head of State last year, under the theme, ‘THE NEXT GENERATION LEADERS’, WWoW helps empower Ugandan women realize their potential to build supportive professional networks, nurture business ideas and link up resources. These women are passionate about issues of health, education and how best they can invest and help the next generation as well as better themselves and the next generation of women. As BrandVision™, we are humbled, and at the same time proud to have been a part of that initiative.