africell Uganda.

Sell Internet and Popularize the brand

The Decision Process

Our relationship with Africell was birthed from smartphone company iDROID USA’s successful campaigns. We had exceedingly delivered on our end of the bargain in making iDROID a popular brand in the country after only sixty days and among the make-iDROID-popular strategies was; partnerships with the country’s telecoms. Africell, one of the telecoms, was keen on discovering the magic to iDROID’s success and the answer was—BrandVision.

The Telecom Business

Africell is a part of Africell Holding; a chain of telecom companies bearing the same name, offering services in both voice and data. Africell launched its commercial operations in Uganda in November 2014, having completed the acquisition of Orange Uganda. The acquired network had about 650 radio sites with a coverage footprint spanning the majority of Uganda and serving more than 1,000,000 active subscribers offering 2G, 3G, and LTE in Kampala. With earlier players MTN, Airtel and UTL already long established, it hasn’t been easy for new players; and neither would it be for Africell.

The Need for a Solution

Africell had bought ruins of dying Orange, despite the latter’s once glorious position as country’s data supremo. Orange Telecom had long become unpopular after competition intensified especially in the data market, climaxing into her surrender and sell-out. No wonder, after the takeover, Africell remained unpopular with their every branding being shipped in from Beirut, Lebanon. Evidently, Africell was starting from scratch, yet needed to close in on the gap with its competitors, especially for their data investment.

The Implementation

iDROID, our earlier client, was introducing two new smartphones; the iDROID Royal V5 and iDROID Royal V4, following the success of the Royal V7 and Tango A5. To set ground, iDROID proposed a partnership with Africell which BrandVision, as iDROID’s official marketing agency, seconded and supported into a concrete concept. The proposal involved selling the Royal V4 through Africell. iDROID needed to sell as many V4 smartphones as possible while Africell needed to sell sim cards and data bundles so that they quickly re-gain their position as the data kings. This is how BrandVision comes in.

The Solution in Action

We gathered our target market were a cross-over between the lower class and the lower middle class; yet still many people in Uganda found it inconveniencing always having to buy data, let alone upgrade from their current nagging smartphone to better one.  Here we were—with an iDROID Royal V4 supposed to be given away in exchange for the purchase of a year’s bundles redeemable in monthly installments by any Africell customer. We needed a selling slogan to assure the public this was a genuine offer. That’s how ‘Bakakase’ was birthed. A luganda word meaning ‘assure them’ or ‘let them know’, Bakakase would not only pass as an assurance to the Africell and iDROID customers that the deal was real, but also a growl to announce Africell’s unique pedigree as the most affordable telecom network in the land.

The smartphone in question was already popular, following a successful launch at Guvnor Discotheque in the same month, also by BrandVision. The Royal V4 had been handsomely reviewed by the media as the unbreakable smartphone given its unique hardened screen property.

We already had a selling ambassador in the names of Mun*G, a famous rapper who had executed a number of campaigns with Airtel. We had already signed Mun*G onto the iDROID deal so we only had to lure him into agreeing on an even bigger deal involving Africell which he agreed to. All branding ready, we rolled out with a well-attended launch at the Africell Head Office in Kampala. Thereafter, our Commercials, newspaper ads and billboards went up.

The Results

The result was the eventual decision by Africell to entrust its image into BrandVision’s winning hands. We are proud to announce Africell as our first Telecom Client.