BrighterMonday, East Africa.

Job and Recruitment Portal
Building Brand popularity

The Decision Process

We were tipped that BrighterMonday was looking for a great agency to help build their brand in Uganda; so our rigorous Head of Business gave them a call to ascertain how good they imagined their agency should be. Only a day earlier, we had shipped in our super-inspirational ECD, Mark Akins, a creative with over 25 years to reinforce our youthful team of creatives. Following two brief brainstorms, we had an award-winning idea – Bringing you Together! It was only natural that we nailed the pitch, beating three other bidders hands down, to bring the client home.

The Telecom Business

A subsidiary of One Africa Media, BrighterMonday is a Pan African Job and Recruiting Portal started in 2006, as an online company helping jobseekers find jobs and employers find talent. BrighterMonday has been in operation since 2006 when they started out in Kenya. They later opened up in Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi with a tagline #1 Jobsite.

The Need for a Solution

BrighterMonday had stayed a jobsite to many yet still and internet had long dragged as a only a developing media, yet to be embraced by the general public, here in Uganda. They needed to draw the numbers of both site users and client employers so they sought the services of a go-getter marketing communications agency to help them do that.

The Implementation

We came up with a catch phrase; Bringing you Together, for the first time ever, managing to explain what exactly BrighterMonday does – bringing both the employee and the employer together, interfacing with them through the entire process all the way to the contract day. It was now easy to sell the site to both parties, with absolute ease.

The Solution in Action

Majority of the active jobseekers in Uganda are literates; dependant on smartphones and social media. Even those that did not go far with education; especially with the influx of low-end varieties from China! Plus, the average worker opens a social media site everyday and about two job sites every week either directly or indirectly; same with the employers. Both parties needed to know that BrighterMonday was there to make an unhappy employee or employer happy by bringing them the right opportunities; or an unemployed individual their win-win job career platform.

We created two situations; an employer in need of the right talent and a jobseeker in need of a job. We zeroed down on the challenges they face, presenting BrighterMonday as the solution. That’s how we came up with our commercials across various media.

All branding ready, we flighted our material, starting with a parking lot at a major mall in town and a television commercial.

The Results

It’s only been weeks and reports indicate a push up on the site visitors with CV builds and a number of unique employer signups.