Smartphones Manufacturer
Dominate Market Share in Uganda
2015 (3 Months Campaigns)

The Decision Process

BrandVision™’s relationship with iDROID began after the iDROID USA CEO, Jawad Qureshi, had met a number of advertising agencies in East Africa and almost by sheer serendipity, received a recommendation to see our work. An appointment was set and for a good portion of the meeting, we talked about East Africa and its evolution, our company structure, who we worked with and what we were working on. Impressed, Mr. Qureshi and his team shared their vision and that marked our journey together. As the first country on the African continent to have iDROID presence, we had our work cut out for us.

The Smartphone Business

iDROID USA is an international company founded in Philadelphia, U.S.A by four entrepreneurs who shared the vision of creating and building the most user-friendly tablet PC in the world. Their main mission was to create amazing experiences through mobile computing where technology is used easily for daily consumption. iDROID smart phones are set out to yield a mobile phone experience that brings the things people care about most right to the start screen in a clever way. In doing so, the iDROID smart phone combines basic everyday tasks – such as reading and sending e-mail, browsing the web, playing games, watching movies, reading e-books and sharing pictures – so people can do more in fewer steps. With a number of players like Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, Tecno and other labour brands, it would not be easy for a new player to stand out let alone become a darling on the market in the 1st 120 days. The agency had to put together a guerrilla marketing implementation strategy that would see this dream happy!

The Need for a Solution

We launched the iDROID brand at The Sheraton in Kampala, Uganda on January 28th 2015. When operating in Uganda, there is plenty of room for business growth and the smartphone market is no exception. iDROID USA, now one of the world’s largest smartphone vendors, launched its iDROID smartphone models in Uganda this year. As iDROID was fairly new to the mobile market, capturing market share was its biggest challenge. Despite slowing growth, iDROID was eager to explore new channels to reach target customers. Hence, developing a successful advertising strategy for seizing customers from competitors was crucial.

The Implementation

This was unlike a typical client. It wasn’t the type of project we could work on and check in with the client over the phone. We had to become part of the iDROID team. Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world: over 50 percent under 35 years of age and, over the next decade, this age group will grow faster in Africa than on any other continent. By virtue of their numbers, young people (defined as those aged 16 to 24) are easily the most important consumer demographic on the African continent.

The Solution in Action

To validate this opportunity, the BrandVision team went straight to the source, talking to college students between the ages of 18 and 24 about their lifestyle, purchase motivators and smartphone needs. Between school, work, hitting the gym, hanging out with peers and raiding the latest hangouts, they are constantly connected to the web and one another. Smartphones are a huge staple in their lives and a functional piece used to carry everything they will need for the day. Since they are always on the go, they need a communication gadget that is durable and versatile. They need a phone that stands up to their lifestyle. With millions of Ugandans active on Social Media, we planned to strategically utilize the social channel (Facebook) as the primary platform for the iDROID & I Campaign. To further extend reach, we signed up Uganda’s biggest musicians, Jose Chameleone, Sheebah, Mun*G, Remah, Nutty Neithan and Carol Flower as brand ambassadors to create viral communication and endorse the new brand on the market! Later, we rolled out a 360 degree campaign countrywide where billboards, television commercials, radio adverts and engaging activations and explicit calls to action to share, tweet to our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter). We also partnered with premium brands for brand positioning, sponsorships, co-branding and other strategies!

The Results

Throughout the campaign, relevant media placement created significant awareness, with the number of social media followers exceeding the pre-campaign prediction by 37.2% and the total impressions exceeding 26.7%. The significant rise in awareness also resulted in new Facebook followers for iDROID, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in increasing iDROID’s audience pool. The iDROID Africa Facebook page received high engagement week over week as users continually visited the timeline and shared content repeatedly—a unique user trend for a Facebook campaign. The high number of shares resulted in iDROID reaching their goal of 20,000 followers in 12 weeks. The campaign covered 3 million iDROID potential customers and over 29 million competitors’ potential customers. The total coverage of the interested audience group reached 34 million. In the first 120 days, we managed to sell over 35,000 smartphones which gave the brand 12% market share.