Beer Brewery
Increase sales and market share
2013 (12 Months Campaign)

The Decision Process

BrandVision™ Agency’s relationship with Moonberg began when Parambot Breweries; the local manufacturers of Moonberg Lager joined other players in the sector. Their contribution was rather minimal but grew after BrandVision™ proposed a more guerrillas approach to their marketing strategy which saw them grow their market share and also introduce new premium brands.

The Beer Business

Moonberg was popular in Western Uganda, Eastern DR Congo and South Sudan. Parambot Breweries came to BrandVision™ Agency looking for an identity. The beer quality was unquestionable but like most brands venturing into new territory, there was a lot to do for the image and brand positioning! To the consumer, the beer brand was perceived as a labour brand due to its packaging.

The Need for a Solution

The company had since 2008 struggled to make its mark in a market dominated by giant breweries. Parambot had capacity to produce 350,000 hectolitres of beer per year compared to its competition, Nile Breweries’ 3.6million. Parambot Breweries Ltd, the only locally-owned beer brewery in Uganda, was crying foul about the high cost of doing business.

Though the company had thrived by producing the low cost Moonberg Lager, its officials said the high cost of importing other ingredient inputs had proven a major obstacle. The task at hand was endeavoring to remain [competitive] on the market without transferring the costs to the consumers. Parambot also had to deal with a packaging race with competitors in order to remain relevant on the market.

The Implementation

BrandVision™ made a survey and realized that a beautiful bottle and better packaging would attract more consumers and also reposition the brand to appeal to the youth who happened to be the biggest potential consumers; yet had ignored the brand. The rebranding helped Moonberg expand its high-end market. However, Moonberg would have to live with the pressure from its bigger competitors.

While launching the new Moonberg Lager 500ml bottle, we had to keep pace with the competition in the market. We designed a unique Pipeje bottle that was to be enhanced with a metallic label and branded silver foil. This replaced the old Euro bottle that was considerably out-dated and of low value. Rebranding was important to give Moonberg a modern look. Together with the new unique cases, it made the brand stand out.

The Solution in Action

After signing to BrandVision™, the brewery recorded substantial growth and market share. With campaigns like ‘embrace the new moon’, ‘let’s get it on’ and ‘a beer for all Ugandans’, the brand grew her market share from 0.8% to 11.2% in the following two years. The premium bars that had formerly rejected the brand started stocking it which increased their sales.

The Results

Throughout the campaign, relevant media placement created significant awareness. In their last year of business, they put on the market 0.1 million hectolitres of beer with ready demand.