Uganda Development Bank


The Decision Process

The agency has had a great working relationship with Uganda Development Bank (UDB) over the years. When they needed to reposition the bank, they looked no further than BrandVision™ Agency.

The Banking Business

UDB is a public enterprise wholly owned by the Government of Uganda and carrying on business as a Development Finance Institution (DFI). The  Bank focuses on the key growth sectors of the economy by financing development projects at attractive terms. The bank supports Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large scale development projects in the various key growth sectors.

The Need for a Solution

The bank has been in existence since 1972 and is mandated to finance enterprises in key growth sectors of the economy. In order for the bank to realize this aspiration, UDB wanted to re-position itself as a key partner to the Government of Uganda in delivering its National Development Plan (NDP).

The Implementation

The rejuvenated visual concept together with sharpened headlines shall create awareness and preference among UDB target groups; members of Uganda’s modern day agriculture sector. “REIMAGINE WITH US” was the call to action statement that would later evolve into a 360 degrees campaign. [ Re·imag·ine With Us ] Is our way of appealing to potential investors (national and international); to reimagine their investment ventures beyond the norm, and ultimately transform the socio-economic construct of Uganda. This is a new and much improved ideation of the bank’s position, to deliver it’s National Development Plan effectively.

The advertising campaign characterizes UDBL’s differentiated market positioning with a unique emerging markets access and expertise.

The Campaign includes Print, TV and Radio.